Welcome to a Life of Wholeness

Thank you for joining us on this quest for better living. This blog is just the beginning to something much, much bigger, and we’re happy you’ve decided to take a look at what we’re doing, and hopefully accompany us along the way! You’ll quickly discover that the growth and, ultimately, the success of this project will be largely dependent on contributions of those – like you – in the Canadian community who want something greater out of life.

The premise behind creating Whole Living Canada was to provide a comprehensive resource to individuals and families throughout this fantastic country, on a local level, that could empower people to live fuller, more balanced lives through a holistic approach.

Here at Whole Living, we believe that the most effective lifestyle is one that is more organic, clean, sustainable and healthful. This translates to consuming more organic, locally grown foods; increasing our level of physical activity; improving our level of involvement in our families and communities; reducing our footprint on and being more aware of the environment; and obtaining greater education that will empower us to accomplish all of this.

On our website you will find listings of:

  • Locally offered courses, seminars, workshops and events on a variety of topics related to lifestyle, health and well-being
  • Local stores and markets that offer organic, locally-grown and allergy-friendly foods and products
  • Local holistic health practitioners and therapists

Additionally, our visitors will find:

  • Recommended books, media and websites
  • Community forums and chat rooms for discussing related topics
  • Product reviews
  • Regular blog posts on topics ranging from nutrition to yoga to gardening to bee-keeping to sustainable homes, and the list goes on
  • An online store for purchasing a range of select products, whose manufacturers espouse the same values as Whole Living

We are in genesis.  This is the beginning. And we are so excited to start down this road no matter how challenging it may become. We so appreciate your presence, encouragement, and involvement in this endeavor.  Welcome to the start of a life of wholeness.


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